Product Release Notes

RELEASED - January 2018


New in this release:

  1. Updates for new 2018 tax law, Medicare premiums, and ACA thresholds:  New tax law provisions, Medicare Part B and D premiums, and parameters for Affordable Care Act tax credit eligibility and amounts are updated for 2018.

  2. Roth Conversions are handled more accurately. In previous versions, Roth conversions were treated the same as Roth contributions, meaning no penalty was applied to withdrawals made within the 5-year waiting period. Now, Roth conversions made while under 59½ and held less than 5 years are withdrawn by the algorithm in the same order as Roth earnings and penalized (but not taxed) if withdrawn during that time.

  3. A Roth Conversion Ladder is added... a great new feature to use tax-deferred assets before you're 59½ without incurring the 10% early withdrawal penalty!  Find it using the Financial Event Wizard.

  4. New Pie Charts show a breakdown of all assets and retirement expenses (and are included in the printed Plan document).

  5. NOTE:  Yahoo! has made changes that are not compatible with EarlyRetire Pro versions 16 or older.  If you have one of these older versions, it is necessary that you upgrade in order to continue using Monte Carlo and Probability features that require downloaded data. We apologize for this situation and remind you we cannot guarantee third-party services

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