Product Release Notes

RELEASED - May 2019

EASY ROR™ 12.0

New in this release:

  1. Least Squares Rate of Return can now be reported or added to graphs for portfolios and composites.  Least Squares ROR varies less between different time periods than a rate of return simply calculated between two endpoints, and thus may be a more reliable indication of expected performance over time.

  2. Both Gross and Net of Fees can now be shown together on all Rate of Return reports.

  3. Password Protection can be added to your data. Securing your personal financial data from theft is of critical importance.

  4. Revert to Last Database:  If you make an irreversible, unwanted change to your database, you can revert to the beginning of your session using this new menu selection.

  5. Annual Rate of Return can now be selected for graphing in addition to Cumulative Total Return.

  6. Rate of Return Graphs can now be toggled between Linear and Logarithmic scale.

  7. An unpin icon allows you to close all reports and graphs with a single click.

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