Product Release Notes

RELEASED - May 2021

EASY ROR™ 13.0

New in this release:

  1. Modifed IRR (MIRR) is added as a performance calculation method. MIRR is used primarily in capital budgeting to identify the profitability of a potential investment (such as a real estate project) but can also be used for structured products, insurance products, or specialized portfolio analysis. For most products, the advertised return includes the assumption that any cash dividends are reinvested in the portfolio or product. What if you don't want to reinvest dividends, but need them as income when paid? And if dividends are not assumed to be reinvested, are they paid out or are they left in cash? What is the assumed return on the cash? These assumptions are particularly important for evaluating instruments like whole life insurance policies and annuities, where the cash flows can become complex. MIRR allows you to set a different reinvestment rate for cash flows received, and a cost-of-borrowing rate for funds invested. The report also calculates Net Present Value (NPV).

  2. Batch reports can now be produced using Portfolio Groups. You can select any number of portfolio groups to produce a batch of separate reports, graphs, or listings for each group with one button click.

  3. Graphs (ROR and Gain/Loss) can now plot as many as 10 portfolios together.

  4. Detailed (as well as Summary) reports can now be produced in Wide (132-character) format.

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