Product Release Notes

RELEASED - January 2013


New in this release:

  1. The Social Security Calculator now determines the best filing strategy for both you and your spouse as a couple. Because there are so many options, filing strategies for married (or ex) couples can be complex (hundreds of possibilities), but taking the proper actions at the right time can make an enormous difference in the amount of benefits you receive over your lifetime. Whether your spouse is living, divorced or deceased, the new calculator analyzes the complex tactics of spousal filing, including file-and-suspend, restricted application, and early or deferred filing, and produces a strategy timeline showing the month and year each of you should file for each type of Social Security benefit (as well as Medicare). The calculator can also automatically add all the Financial Events to your plan necessary to model the strategy.

  2. Tax updates incorporate the new "fiscal cliff deal" changes for 2013, including the new 39.6% bracket and the personal exemption phase-out.

  3. The ROI/Asset Allocation Calculator now allows you to designate asset allocation portfolios for pre- and post-retirement. These portfolios do not affect your plans (which continue to use your ROI settings), but are useful for advising clients, saving your ideas, and calculating the probability of your plan’s success. The Monte Carlo algorithm will use your specified portfolios to calculate probability (if you specify them), or an automatic portfolio model if you don’t (you no longer have to tell the algorithm what to use). Your portfolio information (and Monte Carlo method) is included on the Report.

  4. Federal income tax calculation has been updated to use AMT (alternative minimum tax) when income is high enough to require it. You can optionally turn AMT usage off in the Algorithm Settings.

  5. Other Improvements: You can separately resize the Financial Events section of the Graph. The ROI Calculator now uses a statistical model to estimate ROI probability or find the “best” portfolio if downloaded data is unavailable or Monte Carlo is turned off. Automatic Tax Leveling algorithms have been improved.

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