Product Release Notes

RELEASED - October 2013


New in this release:

  1. Adding a Spouse:  EarlyRetire will now separately track tax-deferred assets, social security, and Medicare for your spouse, giving your plan greater accuracy. Having a spouse of a different age means tax-deferred assets (401(k) or IRA) become available for penalty-free use in different years, and required minimum distributions (RMDs) phase in differently, possibly earlier. Adding your spouse also provides greater accuracy for 72(t) and early 401(k) considerations.

  2. Healthcare Subsidy under the Affordable Care Act:  Starting in 2014, Americans can qualify for new health insurance tax credits under the new health care law. Retirees can greatly reduce this major post-retirement expense by rearranging their income to qualify for the new credits. EarlyRetire now provides two new features to support this planning objective: 1) A new type of self-calculating Financial Event has been added to model your healthcare premium, automatically determining the credits you’re entitled to receive each year based on your income in that year. 2) A new algorithm setting allows you to defer taxable income until after age 65 to help you qualify for the maximum amount of tax credits. Now is the time to examine how you can change your savings and withdrawal strategy to intelligently benefit from this new entitlement.

  3. More Accurate Medicare Premiums:  Self-calculating Financial Events (generated automatically when you use the Social Security Calculator) will calculate your Medicare Part B premiums according to your taxable income each year.

  4. Other Improvements:  You’ll notice improved flow in the Interview, with integration of the Social Security Calculator and Financial Event Wizard.

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