Product Release Notes

RELEASED - December 2014


New in this release:

  1. All Social Security Financial Events created by the Social Security Wizard are now accurately taxed as social security benefits instead of optionally taxable ordinary income. In addition, the social security filing strategy created by the Wizard is now saved in your plan file and included on the report.

  2. The Graph now has an Income tab that graphically breaks out the separate income components during post-retirement, including distributions, Financial Events, social security, and taxes.

  3. Data entry consolidations on displays eliminate ambiguities and conflicts, and make data maintenance more intuitive. The Interview is now an extension of the Planner, where key variables are maintained, rather than an optional method of entry. Beginning Asset values, Tax Status and Tax Rates are now only editable in the Interview. Social Security Start Age and Income are now maintained by the Social Security Wizard. The Make Current button has also been eliminated; your Plan is made current every time you make changes to your assets in the Interview.

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