Product Release Notes

RELEASED - January 2016


New in this release:

  1. New Changes to Social Security Rules effective in 2016 have dramatically altered the strategy for maximizing Social Security benefits. New limitations placed on file-and-suspend and restricted file options will require many strategies to be re-planned (urgent action may be needed by April 2016 for some people). EarlyRetire's Social Security Wizard incorporates these changes to help you continue to find the best strategy going forward.

  2. Medicare Part D premiums are now automatically calculated if you choose this option when creating Medicare events. New Part B premiums and ACA subsidy limits for 2016 are also implemented.

  3. A Mortgage Acceleration Calculator is added to quickly analyze how you much sooner you can pay off your mortgage with a larger payment, or how much you would need to increase your payment to pay it off by a certain date.

  4. Default Settings: A new dialog allows you to change the defaults that are applied to new plans. You can set things like inflation rates and optimization settings to reflect your own preferences so you don't have to adjust them in every new plan you create.

  5. Data integration with Fundwatch™ lets you quickly import up-to-date portfolio assets from your investment analysis software.

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