Product Release Notes

RELEASED - January 2017


New in this release:

  1. NOTE:  Yahoo! has made changes to their website that are not compatible with previous versions of EarlyRetire Pro. These changes are beyond our control and were made after the release of version 2017. Normally, we can make adjustments to data files in cases like this that fix all previous versions, however Yahoo!'s most recent changes have made it impossible for us to fix previous versions. It is therefore necessary that you upgrade to version 2017 in order to continue using Monte Carlo and Probability features that require downloaded data. We apologize for this situation and remind you we cannot guarantee third-party services.

  2. Updates to Medicare premiums and ACA thresholds:  Medicare Part B and D premiums and parameters for Affordable Care Act tax credit eligibility and amounts are updated for 2017.

  3. Big improvements to the Social Security Calculator for clarity and accuracy, including existing spousal benefits and intent-to-file options.

  4. Planner Simplification:  Rarely used fields and controls are now excluded from the Planner by default unless "Enable Advanced Features" is checked under the Options menu (automatically enabled for legacy plans or you can enable them). The Pre-Retirement section will close when deactivated or when the Retirement Age is reached.

  5. Data integration with Fundwatch™, Easy ROR Pro™ and Wealth Planning Suite™ lets you share data with our investment analysis and performance reporting software.

  6. Events now include spouse age.  Other minor fixes throughout.

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