Product Release Notes

RELEASED - January 2019


New in this release:

  1. Updates for Medicare premiums and ACA thresholds:  Medicare Part B and D premiums, and parameters for Affordable Care Act tax credit eligibility and amounts are updated for 2019.

  2. Improved Yearly Plan Detail.  The reorganized Detail is easier to read and provides more information, such as taxable social security, identification of taxable items, total yearly expenditures, and Events listed in alphabetical order.

  3. Financial Events can be set to automatically inflation-adjust with each Plan Date update.  A checkbox located in the Default Settings causes all Events designated as Today's Dollars to be adjusted by inflation each time the Plan Date moves forward. This adjustment more accurately maintains Event values and consistency of your Plan as you update it over time. The option is off by default, so visit the Events tab of the Defaults display (under Options menu on the Planner) to turn it on.

  4. After-Tax Assets at Death.  Because of the tax liability attached to tax-deferred assets, the after-tax value of Leftover Assets at Death can be less than the raw balance if it includes tax-deferred assets. A new optimization setting allows you to apply a specified tax rate to those assets so you can design your plan based on the after-tax value of what you pass to your heirs.

  5. A Stacked Graph is now an option on the Graph display.

  6. An expandable Note field is available in the Client and Consultant Details.

  7. NOTE:  Yahoo! has made changes that are not compatible with EarlyRetire Pro versions 16 or older.  If you have one of these older versions, it is necessary that you upgrade in order to continue using Monte Carlo and Probability features that require downloaded data.

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