Product Release Notes

RELEASED - January 2021


New in this release:

  1. Updates for Medicare premiums and ACA thresholds:  Medicare Part B and D premiums, and parameters for Affordable Care Act tax credit eligibility and amounts are updated for 2021.

  2. Provisions for the 2020 SECURE Act have been implemented.  Specifically, IRA contributions are now allowed at any age, Required Minimum Distributions from retirement plans now start at age 72 for all persons born after 7/1/1949, and inherited traditional IRAs must be distributed within 10 years.

  3. New ACA Optimization:  A checkbox is added in the Optimization Settings which tells EarlyRetire to distribute enough tax-deferred assets to bring your taxable income up to (but just under) the "ACA Cliff" (the point at which you lose the Affordable Care Act subsidy).  This setting maximizes your use of tax-deferred assets without losing the ACA subsidy, and can be a favorable tax-leveling compromise for those eligible for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

  4. New crash recovery lets you recover your work in the event of a system crash or other uncontrolled event.

  5. NOTE:  Yahoo! has made changes that are not compatible with EarlyRetire Pro versions 16 or older.  If you have one of these older versions, you must upgrade to continue using Monte Carlo and Probability features that require downloaded data.

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