Product Release Notes

RELEASED - January 2022

EarlyRetire Pro™ 2022

New in this release:

  1. Life Expectancy for Spouse:  Plans for married couples now account for differing ages of death for each spouse, including change of tax status, social security benefits, Medicare premiums, etc, for the surviving spouse. Life Expectancies for both partners can still be tied together.

  2. Updates for the American Rescue Plan:  Temporary changes to the Affordable Care Act thresholds, subsidy rates, and temporary elimination of the subsidy "cliff" are accounted for through 2022. Medicare Part B and D premiums, and parameters for ACA tax credit eligibility and amounts are updated for 2022.

  3. An improved Portfolio Designer is more intuitive, with added graphics.

  4. Monte Carlo Graph:  You can view the results of the Monte Carlo Probability Analysis on the Graph, showing you the range of possible outcomes for your Plan, and giving you a visual picture of its likelihood of success.

  5. New options to use HSA assets to pay Medicare premiums or other expenses after age 65:  Plans for those over 65 now include Optimization settings controlling how remaining HSA assets are to be used to keep them tax-free.

  6. Editable Plan Date:  You can now adjust your Plan Date directly on the Planner.

  7. Planner variables can be set to automatically inflation-adjust with each Plan Date update.  An optional setting will cause all amounts on the Planner (Savings Contributions, Net Retirement Income, etc) to be adjusted by inflation each time the Plan Date moves forward (more accurately maintains the consistency of your Plan as you update it over time).

  8. The 35% tax bracket is added to Tax Leveling options.

  9. Add Dependents on the Interview:  You can now manage dependents for ACA and tax purposes on the Interview in the Personal Info tab.

  10. Expenses Pie Chart now includes Financial Events over time:  You can include Financial Events in the Expenses Pie Chart, and scroll through time to see how your expenses will change over your life.

  11. A Cancel button is added to the Planner to abort lengthy Plan or Probability calculations.

  12. The Optimizations display is collapsible to a tab format to use less space on your screen.

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