Product Release Notes

RELEASED - February 2015


New in this release:

  1. A new Rolling Period Average report shows your average rate of return for a specified rolling period over your portfolio's history.  For instance, if you have 20 years of investment history, you can see your average 10-year rate of return by averaging the return for every 10-year period in your history.  Many investment strategies are designed for specific time horizons, and this report provides a good way to gauge a strategy's effectiveness for an intended period. The report also uses a least-squares projection to estimate how the portfolio's rate of return is trending.

  2. A new Rolling Period Average ROR Graph plots the average returns described above and draws a least-squares trendline to show your strategy's consistency and trend.

  3. A new Options Menu lets you set portfolio selection by ID or Account Number (to simplify menu selections) and control graph colors.

  4. A Links menu gives you quick access to major brokerages, and allows you to add links of your own for quick access to news or personal accounts.

  5. The program now leaves reports and graphs displayed so you can compare them side by side. A "Clear All" button on the main display (pushpin) lets you dismiss all reports if the screen gets cluttered.

  6. Prettier graphs and displays.

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