Product Release Notes

RELEASED - August 2018


New in this release:

  1. Daily Valuation ROR now allows the Aggregate method for composites containing portfolios with different start dates. This method treats the composite as a single portfolio, treating new arrivals as deposits.  For a single period report, all periods between balances are automatically linked. For a mulit-period report (e.g. monthly, quarterly, yearly) showing cumulative returns from the beginning date (required by GIPS), select "Geometrically Linked" for GIPS-compliant TWRR calculation.

  2. Timed Benchmarks allow you to create benchmarks that actually change with time. Portfolio strategies often change with market conditions, which means it may be appropriate to benchmark your portfolios differently in different years. Rather than create multiple benchmarks to use for different time periods, you can create a single benchmark with a different definition over each period. Now you can see how your portfolios met your strategy objectives over many years on a single chart.

  3. Blended benchmarks can now be created containing other blended benchmarks, as well as timed benchmarks, and likewise, timed benchmarks can contain other blended or timed benchmarks.

  4. The Invest option for benchmarks can now be used on Extended reports.

  5. It's now easier to download/update and view benchmarks on a graph or report. Buttons have been added to replace menu navigation, and components of compound benchmarks (blended or timed) are automatically activated when such benchmarks are selected for download.

  6. Revert to Last Database: If you make an irreversible, unwanted change to your database, you can revert to the backup using this new File menu selection.

  7. Both composites and their component portfolios can now be displayed together on a Volatility report.

  8. NOTE:  Yahoo! has made changes that are not compatible with Easy ROR Pro versions 14 or older.  If you have one of these older versions, it is necessary that you upgrade in order to continue to use Benchmarking features that require downloaded data. We apologize for this situation as we cannot control third-party services.

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