Product Release Notes

RELEASED - November 2015


New in this release:

  1. NOTE:  Yahoo! has made changes to their website are that not compatible with previous versions of Fundwatch. These changes are beyond our control and were made after the release of version 14. Normally, we can make adjustments to data files in cases like this that fix all previous versions, however Yahoo!'s most recent changes have made it impossible for us to fix previous versions. It is therefore necessary that you upgrade to version 14 in order to continue to get full historical data downloads. We apologize for this situation and remind you that we cannot guarantee third-party services.

  2. Changeable Tracking Intervals - The tracking interval for any data file can now be changed between weekly or daily any time you update your data. For instance, you can quickly convert a weekly data file to daily tracking for short-term analysis, and then convert it back to weekly for faster updating. Fundwatch also now automatically prompts you for data updates whenever they're needed.

  3. Cash Equivalent Holdings - You can add Cash Equivalent accounts to your portfolio so you can accurately represent your entire net worth and asset allocation.

  4. Tax Type Designations - You can designate each holding in your portfolio with a Tax Type (e.g. IRA, 401k, Roth IRA, etc.) so you can see your allocation among different types of tax shelters.

  5. Faster Security Adding - You only need to enter a symbol to add a new security, Fundwatch will automatically fill in the name and select the style category.

  6. Password Protection - You can now password protect your data files.

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