Product Release Notes

RELEASED - November 2017


New in this release:

  1. View, rank, chart and backtest P/E Ratio for securities that report earnings. Fundwatch collects TTM (trailing twelve months) earnings figures, which allow screening, charting, etc going back as far as the most recent year. You can configure a high and low P/E Ratio threshold to be used as buy/sell alerts on the Trend and Summary Analysis reports.

  2. You can quickly add a list of new symbols to any data file.  Just create a text file with a list of symbols separated by commas and simply drag-and-drop the list onto Fundwatch's main display or the Edit Prices display, or use the File->Import List of Symbols menu selection.  Fundwatch will autofill the names and styles, and then download price-volume data for the entire list... a very fast way to populate or add to a data file!

  3. You can graph securities by price only to see price movement exclusive of dividends and distributions (plots are normally of Total Return).  A price-only plot is useful for determining unrealized capital gains and performing certain types of technical analysis.

  4. You can highlight a security on any analysis listing by double-clicking it.  It will remain highlighted as you sort securities by column.

  5. A symbol lookup tool is added to the Edit Securities display.  Enter a search term (like a fund or stock name or symbol) to quickly search the web for a security.*  Then add it to your data file with a mouseclick.

  6. NOTE:  Yahoo! has made changes that are not compatible with Fundwatch versions 13 or older.  If you have one of these older versions, it is necessary that you upgrade in order to continue to get full historical data downloads.

*The Search-for-Symbol feature uses a third-party website that could be impeded by your browser or system security, or change their own functionality in the future in ways beyond our control.

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