Product Release Notes

RELEASED - September 2018


New in this release:

  1. A new Portfolio Designer tool uses Monte Carlo simulation to determine the best asset allocation for your portfolio. You enter a list of securities, set your performance objectives, and Fundwatch will crunch through the thousands of possible asset allocations, using downloaded historical data, to find the allocation that delivers the best odds of achieving your specific goals. The tool is enormously flexible, allowing creation and inclusion of sub-portfolios, custom tailoring of results, and interactive graphics. Maximize probability, minimize risk, maximize ROR, etc.  Add portfolio analysis to your strategy!

  2. Renko Charts are added to the Graph... a common Japanese form of technical analysis. Renko charts filter out minor price movements to make it easier to identify important trends, and are very effective in identifying key support and resistance levels.

  3. Short-sell systems can now be created for backtesting, in which you can specify rules to enter and close short positions.

  4. Average True Range (ATR) is added to the Graph as a technical indicator.

  5. The Graph has a more detailed scale showing years, months, and days.

  6. NOTE:  Yahoo! has made changes that are not compatible with Fundwatch versions 15.0 or older.  If you have one of these older versions, it may be necessary that you upgrade in order to continue to get full historical data downloads.

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