Product Release Notes

RELEASED - December 2019


New in this release:

  1. Chart Pattern Recognition automatically identifies predictive technical chart patterns on the Graph (transitions between rising and falling trends are often signaled by patterns in the price chart). Fundwatch now uses patterns to alert you to trend reversals on the Signals display, and allows you to use them in systems for Backtesting!

  2. Configure the size of your Data Files to permit longer price-volume histories or the inclusion of more securities.

  3. Sort (and select) securities by symbol instead of by name, using a new option under the Options menu.

  4. Export securities to a CSV file containing the price-volume history of any security you're tracking. Also, Importing a security now automatically extracts and records Distributions from the imported data.

  5. The Graph now lets you selectively remove plotted technical indicators from a security plot (without having to delete the plot and start over). A convenient slider now lets you expand or contract the Graph time scale.

  6. Downloading historical data now tries to preserve any existing data in the data file that is outside the date range of the downloaded data. This is useful in cases where historical data becomes unavailable or limited by third-party sources.

  7. Average True Range and Trade Intervals are added to Backtesting.

  8. You can generate or regenerate Distributions (dates and percentages) from any stored security.

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