Product Release Notes

RELEASED - March 2010


New in this release:

  1. The Daily Valuation method for calculating portfolio ROR is now less restrictive, no longer requiring balance records on the date of every cash flow. In previous versions, Investor's Accountant required a balance record on the date of every cash flow to eliminate the effect of cash flows. The new less restrictive method allows you to add balance records on the dates of significant cash flows, thus minimizing, rather than eliminating the effect of cash flows. This option leaves you responsible for judging the significance of cash flows and providing balance records on such dates.  If you are maintaining GIPS standards for clients, the Daily Valuation feature now requires you be carefully attentive to the GIPS guidelines when using it.

  2. The Portfolio Rate of Return Graph will now plot results for any of the available calculation methods (prior versions only plot IRR).

  3. Volatility results can now be calculated for portfolio composites. Additionally, portfolio volatility results can be calculated on the basis of any of the available ROR calculation methods (prior versions only used IRR).

  4. Your bond prices can be imported from a Schwab® account.  If you own bonds in a Schwab® account, Investor's Accountant can import prices from your "Positions" file downloaded from the Schwab® website. Also, any new securities you purchase in your Schwab® account can be added to your portfolio automatically.

  5. To accommodate the industry wide format change in option symbols, the security add/change screen now provides a search tool to obtain the ticker symbol of an option from Yahoo!®.

  6. A new Multi-Year Rate of Return Report shows your portfolio's annual performance for each year over a requested time span.

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