Product Release Notes

RELEASED - April 2012


New in this release:

  1. The Capital Gains Tax report now allows basis selection using the new IRS identification code and produces the new IRS Form 8949.

  2. A new Qualified Dividends Report has been added to make it easier to reconcile 1099-Divs. The new tax report lists by security the qualified, non-qualified, and total dividends.

  3. Benchmarking features have been expanded. The "As Invested" ability to compare a portfolio's performance with that of a benchmark (simulating investments in the benchmark to correspond with investments made to the portfolio) now allows the use of all calculation types (Daily Valuation, IRR, and Dietz). Composites may now be compared using all composite methods (Aggregate, Asset Weighted, or Asset and Cash Flow Weighted). The results of any of these may be graphed, comparing the portfolio(s) to the "invested" benchmark(s). The "Invested" feature can now also be applied to blended benchmarks.

  4. A cumulative investment plot added to the Balance/Deposit Graph shows total portfolio investment in stair-step format.

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