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Easy ROR

Portfolio Rate of Return (IRR) Quickly and Accurately

Knowing your true investment performance has never been easier with this major time-saver. Accurately calculate internal rate of return for your portfolio (or group of portfolios) from entries of only balances, deposits and withdrawals. No complex record-keeping, no constant updating; trades and dividends don't need to be tracked. No matter how many investments you have or how much trading you do, just a few minutes a month provides vital, accurate rate of return. Don’t trust a broker or trading strategy without tracking your performance!

  • Easy, accurate portfolio Rate of Return (IRR)
    requires only balances, deposits and withdrawals.
  • No need to track internal trades,
    positions, transfers, dividends, splits, etc.
  • Create a variety of reports,
    periodic and annualized, before and after tax, and gross or net of fees.
  • Track any number of portfolios
    and calculate composite ROR for portfolio groups.
  • Graph your performance and create flexible reports.

Product Details

Save Time and Know Your Performance.
Are you an investor who wants to know how your portfolio is performing, but don't have the time to track every transaction you make?  Do you have a number of investments that report individual returns, but only a vague idea how well you're doing overall?  Are you sure your trading strategy (or your broker's) is beating the market?  If you're like most of us, you'll be glad you discovered Easy ROR! 

Exact Internal Rate of Return.
Your true investment performance over any time period can be accurately obtained from data entered in just a few minutes, regardless of the quantity, type, or diversity of your investments.

Enter only balances, deposits and withdrawals
(with optional tax and fee information) to quickly calculate rate of return for single or composite portfolios over any time period. Returns can be reported and annualized both before or after tax, and gross or net of fees. Reports can be produced for single periods, or for monthly, quarterly or annual periods, showing both individual and cumulative period results. Portfolio balance, cash flow, and rate of return can be plotted graphically.

Easy ROR is the perfect tool for evaluating your performance as an investor,
and takes the mystery out of managing your own investments. It retains investment data for any number of portfolios, and can export files for use by spreadsheets or other programs.

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irr calculator

"Investors have finally lost the excuse that it is too difficult to calculate their portfolio rate of return."

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