Product Release Notes

RELEASED - December 2020


New in this release:

  • Intra-Day Price Data can be now collected and viewed in real time. View the current trading session on the Graph as it occurs throughout the day, and apply technical indicators (like moving averages, RSI, etc) using intervals as small as one minute. Up to five days of the most recent intra-session data is retained for viewing, technical analysis, and backtesting. Essential for day-trading or simply picking the best moment to make a trade!

  • The Graph now provides a Single Security display mode that displays securities individually on a price scale and color codes technical indicators to more easily distinguish them.

  • TTM Squeeze and Keltner Channel indicators are added. TTM Squeeze is a momentum indicator gaining rapid popularity for its ability to predict big moves. TTM Squeeze can be charted, backtested and configured for alerts.

  • The Securities Finding and Screening Tool has been updated.

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