Product Release Notes

RELEASED - July 2022

Investor's Accountant™ 11.0

Investor's Accountant is back, due to popular demand!  All registered license-holders of any version of Investor's Accountant or Portfolio Analyzer can upgrade to Investor's Accountant 11 with full data compatibility*.

Changes in Investor's Accountant 11...

*All currency-related features are removed. Tracking exchange rates, converting between currencies, and reporting valuations in multiple currencies is no longer supported.  These features became obsolete many years ago when our third-party exchange rate source (Oanda) became a subscription-based service.

Schwab import features are removed (these were very limited and are no longer supported by Schwab).

New or improved features:

  1. Much faster price downloads. Historical prices are now stored within the database rather than the individual HSI files, and full history downloads take a few seconds per security or benchmark.

  2. Prettier graphs and displays. The program now leaves reports and graphs displayed so you can compare them side by side. A "Clear All" button on the main display lets you dismiss all reports.

  3. Modifed IRR (MIRR).  MIRR is used primarily in capital budgeting to identify the profitability of a potential investment (such as a real estate project) but can also be used for structured investment product analysis. For most products, the advertised return includes the assumption any cash dividends are reinvested in the portfolio or product. What if you don't want to reinvest dividends, but need them as income when paid? Are they paid out or are left in cash? What is the assumed return on the cash? These assumptions are particularly important for evaluating instruments like whole life insurance policies and annuities, where the cash flows can become complex. MIRR allows you to set different rates for reinvestment and cost-of-borrowing, and also calculates Net Present Value (NPV).

  4. Portfolio Time-weighted ROR (TWRR) now allows the Aggregate method for composites containing portfolios with different start dates. Simplifies GIPS reporting.

  5. Least Squares ROR on reports or graphs for portfolios, composites, and benchmarks. Least Squares ROR finds a rate of return that best fits all RORs between all balances within the report period. It varies less between different periods than a rate of return simply calculated between two endpoints, and thus may be a more reliable indication of expected performance over time.

  6. Timed Benchmarks allow you to create benchmarks that actually change with time. Portfolio strategies often change with market conditions, which means it may be appropriate to benchmark your portfolios differently in different years. Rather than create multiple benchmarks to use for different time periods, you can create a single benchmark with a different definition over each period, showing how portfolios met your strategy objectives over many years on a single chart. Both blended and timed benchmarks can be created containing other blended or timed benchmarks.

  7. Password-protect your data.  Your databases can now be optionally password-protected.

  8. The Site Map is easier to use, to let you navigate the many features of Investor's Accountant on a visual chart rather than through the menus.

  9. Several corrections to errors in previous versions.

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