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early retirement calculator


early retirement software
Retire Earlier Than You Thought Possible!

Take control of your future. Find the best resource deployment strategy to achieve your retirement goals, and get there faster than you thought possible. Designed especially for those considering early retirement, EarlyRetire's no-nonsense approach helps you find solutions fast, with powerful tax and income optimization working in the background. EarlyRetire doesn't simply project your plans, this early retirement calculator lets you explore possibilities and discover new shortcuts. And EarlyRetire shows you every detail, mapping cash flow for every year of your life. Don't leave the future to chance, make your dreams come true!

  • Design a plan that's right for you, with a quick and intuitive interface.
  • Know when you can retire, with confidence provided by a detailed pre- and post-retirement cash-flow schedule.
  • Accelerate early retirement using smart tactics like tax-leveling, Roth conversions, or a 72t plan (early IRA withdrawals penalty-free!)
  • Optimize withdrawal of retirement funds and social security to maximize income and retire sooner.
  • Plan your asset allocation and rate of return using market statistics.
  • Compare the long-term effects of Roths, IRAs, 401ks, and a multitude of other investment options.
  • Test creative ideas to stretch your assets further and examine the results on a detailed schedule and interactive graph.

early retirement calulator details professional early retirement software

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"Leaves nothing to chance where saving for retirement is can generate a comprehensive retirement strategy in short order."


"Provides an exploratory view of the user's total financial lifespan, allowing anyone ̶ college grad to retiree ̶ to instantly examine the effects of key decisions and quickly compare a wide variety of retirement possibilities."


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* Formerly known as Nest Egg and Nest Egg Early Retirement.

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