Managing Wealth Doesn't Have to be Expensive
Complete Wealth Planning & Reporting in One Integrated Toolset

Wealth Planning Suite makes Advising Your Clients
Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1 Build a Plan
Plan your clients’ financial future and determine their investment needs.
EarlyRetire Pro™ Retirement Planning Module

2 Design the Right Portfolio
Screen and analyze appropriate securities for your clients’ portfolios,
backtest trading strategies, and determine when to buy and sell.
Fundwatch™ Securities Analysis and Portfolio Builder

3 Provide Results that Meet GIPS® Standards
Deliver professional reports to your clients showing composite portfolio
IRR and TWRR against applicable benchmarks.
Easy ROR Pro™ Professional Performance Reporting

GIPS Compliant Financial Planning Software

One Modular System

Using independent tools to manage client data is awkward, and most enterprise solutions are expensive, with ongoing costs for features you don't use.  Our Wealth Planning Suite provides a multi-featured platform for planning and reporting that's both powerful and affordable.

You install our software with a single purchase... there are no subscription costs or maintenance fees.  The software notifies you when new features become available and lets you upgrade modules individually when you want to.  You're in control.

Powerful Financial Planning
Our EarlyRetire Pro retirement planner helps you build a detailed plan to meet your clients' financial goals both before and after retirement.  Help your clients intelligently navigate Social Security, the Affordable Care Act, college expenses, retirement accounts, taxes, investments, etc, and test their ideas to help them realize their dreams.

Smart Portfolio Building
Determine the ideal asset mix needed to meet financial goals, and screen and evaluate securities to build a successful portfolio.  Use various models, including Monte Carlo simulation to measure probability of meeting targets.

Indepth Investment Analysis
Our Fundwatch technical analysis software not only helps you screen and select investments for your portfolio, it backtests your trading ideas and generates buy/sell signals with your choice of technical indicators.  Assist your clients in implementing a broad range of investment approaches.

Professional Performance Tracking
Show your clients how they're performing comprehensively... before or after tax, gross or net of fees, cumulative, annualized, using both internal and time-weighted rate of return, as net gain/loss, as compared with benchmarks, and as a function of risk.

GIPS-Compliant Reporting*
Many consumers are now demanding GIPS compliance from their advisors.  Our Easy ROR Pro module uses GIPS methodology to calculate both time-weighted and money-weighted rate of return for portfolios, portfolio composites, and comparison to benchmarks.

Data Security
We know the importance of protecting your clients' data.  Our software provides encrypted password protection for all your data files.

*This software uses methods described by GIPS® for rate of return calculations.  Full GIPS compliance involves many requirements of which calculation methodology is only one.  The user bears full responsibility for the use and interpretation of this software and its output in accordance with GIPS guidelines.  Software programs cannot claim to be GIPS "compliant"; the term applies only to firms with assets under management.  This software claims only to follow some of the guidelines contained within the standard relating to calculation methodology.

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