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Intelligent Planning for Early Retirement

Find your shortest path to financial freedom, and get there faster than you thought possible!  Most retirement calculators do nothing to analyze the unique challenges of early retirement, and more importantly, nothing to help you navigate the many options that will minimize your taxes, maximize your entitlements, and stretch your assets so you can retire earlier with confidence.  EarlyRetire Pro builds you a detailed plan, and provides a platform to explore options, make difficult decisions, and discover new shortcuts. 

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Make It Happen
  • Design the best plan to reach your goals
    with an easy plan builder and tools for optimization.
  • Use Monte Carlo Simulation
    to test in real market conditions* and find your level of confidence.
  • Accelerate early retirement
    using smart tactics like Tax Leveling, Roth Ladders, 72t (penalty-free IRA withdrawals), or Reality Retirement Planning.
  • Test your own ideas
    to stretch your assets, and explore future plans like a second home, college expenses, or a reverse mortgage.
  • Maximize Social Security benefits
    with a detailed filing strategy automatically optimized for you and your spouse (or ex-spouse).
  • Maximize the Affordable Care Act Tax Credit
    to substantially reduce your health insurance costs.
  • Design the right investment portfolio
    using real market data and probability analysis.
  • Have confidence going forward
    with a detailed pre- and post-retirement cash-flow schedule to strategically guide every year of your life.
  • Manage clients with professional features
    like customized reports, data importing, and client security.

Don't Think You Can Retire Early?
You Could be in for a Surprise...

Early retirement is a daunting challenge, but for those who want to live the dream, EarlyRetire Pro™ is designed to be your co-pilot.  It not only simplifies the complexities of retiring early, it can stretch your wealth in ways you didn’t know were possible. Intelligent planning is the key to success.

Retire earlier by intelligently navigating early retirement.
Issues overlooked by most retirement software, like early distributions, tax penalties, college costs, social security planning and health care, make early retirement a special challenge.  By applying strategies like Income Tax Leveling, income deferment, 72t IRA withdrawals, or Reality Retirement Planning, EarlyRetire turns these challenges into opportunities.

Optimize use of your various tax-sheltered assets.
EarlyRetire automatically optimizes all phases of your life as you build your plan, using Monte Carlo Simulation in real historical markets* to report probability.  Quickly compare options and test ideas to stretch your assets further...  Will paying more income tax now save you later?  Could you use your home equity to avoid excess tax?  Do you know how to use a 72t Plan for early access to your IRA?  EarlyRetire comes to your rescue with options you probably never considered, and lets you explore ideas of your own.

Creatively explore future plans…
college expenses, inheritance, sale of a business, a second home, even semi-retirement.  Plans are easy to adjust and re-evaluate as situations change.  You ask your own questions by setting desired goals and calculating needed actions, while EarlyRetire’s tailorable optimization works constantly in the background—always seeking the shortest distance.

A detailed plan guides you every step of the way,
showing inflation-adjusted savings requirements, retirement distributions, cash flows, special expenses, and projected tax liability for every year of your life.  IRS tax tables and market data are automatically downloaded every year to keep your plan accurate as you go.

EarlyRetire doesn't tell you it can't be done.
Its mission is to give you control over your life and let you architect your own future.  Tell EarlyRetire where you want to go, and let it light the way!

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Leaves nothing to chance where saving for retirement is concerned... you can generate a comprehensive retirement strategy in short order."

Provides an exploratory view of the user's total financial lifespan, allowing anyone—college grad to retiree—to instantly examine the effects of key decisions and quickly compare a wide variety of retirement possibilities."

The more I use the software, the more I like it.  Great how it goes through an optimization routine to extend the life of retirement savings... a bargain for what this software does!”   
M. Geddes

An Innovative Plan Builder

Quickly find the best plan that works for you and fine tune it as you go. 
Adjust any of life's key variables and recalculate any other, to instantly see the effects
your decisions will have, and zero-in on the balance that's right for you.

Apply a wide range of optimization tactics to find ways of stretching your assets in retirement,
so you can retire sooner.

Optimizing your Social Security strategy is just one of the many complex calculations
performed automatically, along with 72(t) planning, Affordable Care Act planning,
mortgage acceleration, and others.

Determine the ideal asset mix to achieve your investment goals
using downloaded historical data and Monte Carlo analysis.

A detailed plan guides you in every year of both savings and retirement, showing all cash flows, retirement distributions, how to pay for special expenses, estimated taxes, etc.  There's no guesswork, just a strategic plan that makes the most of your money!


Make Sophisticated Planning Easy...

  • Explore Reality Retirement Planning, the most exciting new concept in financial planning.
    By combining government research with computer modeling, RRP enables you to retire sooner with less accumulated wealth!

  • Maximize your Social Security benefits!
    Yes, EarlyRetire performs the complex number crunching to solve one of the biggest problems seniors face.  Complicated new rules for spouses present new strategies with myriads of possibilities.  EarlyRetire analyzes all options... file-and-suspend, restricted spousal application, early or deferred filing—whether you're married, divorced or widowed—and produces a timeline showing the best time each partner should file for each benefit.  Taking the right actions at the right times can make an enormous difference in your lifetime benefit and critically improve retirement.

  • Maximize the Affordable Care Act Subsidy!
    You may be surprised to learn you could qualify for reductions in healthcare premiums as an early retiree.  EarlyRetire not only calculates what your premiums will be under the new law, it rearranges your retirement income to maximize the amount of subsidy you receive.  Now is the time to examine how you can change your savings and withdrawal strategy to intelligently benefit from this new entitlement and minimize what is likely to be your greatest retirement expense.

  • Design an investment portfolio to meet your required rate of return
    with maximum probability and minimum risk using EarlyRetire's Portfolio Designer.  You can choose between several methods of analysis, including Monte Carlo simulation using real market data.*

  • Make professional presentations
    with custom headings, graphs, and optional advisor/client information.  Designed with professionals in mind, EarlyRetire manages any number of plans, maintains client information securely, and can import a client’s financial information from a text file.

  • Calculate any of the essential variables you control,
    see which are the most sensitive, and zero in on the best combination...
    • Annual savings contributions
    • Type of savings (IRA, Roth, taxable, etc)
    • Retirement age
    • How much you can spend during retirement
    • Net worth over time
    • Income tax during retirement
    • Life expectancy
    • Whether to preserve or consume assets during retirement
    • Amount to leave behind
    • Pre- and post-retirement asset allocation
    • Inflation effect
    • Retirement living expenses
    • Other retirement income (Social Security, pensions, etc.)

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* EarlyRetire analyzes probability using actual stock and bond market data rather than randomly generated numbers for a more realistic simulation. Historical market data is downloaded from Yahoo!® upon user action and is limited to data made freely available on Yahoo!®'s website. For more information about Monte Carlo analysis, view the EarlyRetire Po User's Manual.

NEST EGG Users:  This product line was originally called Nest Egg and was renamed EarlyRetire in 2009.  EarlyRetire Pro is fully compatible with data files made using all Nest Egg and Nest Egg Pro versions purchased from Hamilton Software prior to 2010.


All applications support Hamilton Software Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

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