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Easy ROR Pro

Deliver GIPS® Compliance1 with Portfolio Time-Weighted Rate Of Return

Accurately calculate Time-Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) for any investment portfolio (or composite group of portfolios) using simple external cash flows.  Easy ROR Pro uses GIPS methodology to provide accurate results meeting professional standards, and adds benchmarking, charting, volatility, and risk/reward analysis.  Give your practice a competitive edge by offering GIPS-compliance and professional reports.

  • Internal (money-weighted) and Time-Weighted Portfolio Rate of Return from only balances, deposits and withdrawals.
    No need to track internal positions, trades, transfers, dividends, etc... saves you hours of time and reduces errors.
  • GIPS methodology as described in CFA Institute standards
    provides accurate, professional results and helps you become GIPS-compliant.
  • Portfolio Benchmarking
    provides both raw and "as-invested" comparison of your returns with indexes or your custom-made benchmarks, downloaded automatically.2 
  • Graph portfolio cash flow and performance
    alongside market indexes or personally designed benchmarks.
  • Portfolio Risk/Reward Analysis
    provides essential insight into performance with metrics like Volatility, Beta, R-squared, and Sharpe Ratio.
  • Create a variety of flexible reports,
    before or after taxes or fees, with periodic and annualized Rate of Return.
  • Track many portfolios and calculate Composite ROR
    using GIPS-approved methods, with asset weighting, asset-plus-cash-flow weighting, geometric linking, and dispersion.

Professional Results from Only Balances, Deposits and Withdrawals.

Calculate accurate rate of return for single or composite portfolios over any time period.  Returns can be reported both before or after tax, and gross or net of fees.  No complex record-keeping, no constant updating; internal trades and positions don't need to be tracked.  Reports can be produced between any two balance dates, or for monthly, quarterly or annual periods, showing both individual and cumulative period results.

Use GIPS Time-Weighted ROR calculation methods,
including Daily Valuation and geometrically-linked IRR or Modified Dietz, as well as calculation of composite performance and dispersion for portfolio groups using asset-weighted, asset-plus-cash-flow, or aggregate methods.

The global standard for performance reporting.
GIPS® is the recognized reporting standard administered by the CFA Institute.  If you're a professional, offering GIPS-compliant performance gives you a significant competitive advantage.  In fact, prospective clients will increasingly expect your practice to be GIPS-compliant in the coming years.  Easy ROR Pro provides necessary methods to meet the 2011 standards.1

Compare performance to tailored benchmarks.
Easy ROR Pro provides both raw and "as-invested" comparison of investment returns with your choice of indexes, or your own tailored benchmarks blending any indexes or securities.  Easy ROR Pro will automatically download and calculate benchmark rate of return over the applicable periods on reports.

Measure portfolio risk/reward
for your clients using revealing metrics like Beta, Volatility, R-Squared and Sharpe Ratio.

Flexible reporting features
allow you to show your clients exactly what they need to see, along with graphs of portfolio performance alongside benchmarks or alongside balance and cash flow. 

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twrr calculator

Both easy and easier to use than a competing piece of software we’ve recommended in the past, [CapTools] PFROI."

twrr calculator

Unique, powerful, and elegant."
Robert Foretich, President IIMC

  • Make Performance Measurement Easy
    • Only balance, deposit and withdrawal amounts need be entered
    • Amounts may be imported from user-defined comma-delimited text file
  • Calculate TWRR (Time-Weighted Rate of Return) as Specified in GIPS
    • Gross and net of fees
    • Before and after tax
    • Helps you become GIPS-compliant
  • Use GIPS Calculation Methodology (formerly AIMR-PPS)
    • Daily Valuation
    • Modified Dietz
    • Internal (money-weighted)
    • Calculate Composite portfolio rate of return using asset-weighted, asset-plus-cash-flow-weighted, or aggregate method
    • Geometric linking of cumulative returns
    • May be cumulative from beginning date or cumulative to ending date
    • All methods account for external cash flows on the date of occurrence, not mid-point of period
  • Portfolio Benchmarking
    • Comparison with single or composite portfolios
    • Provides for percentage construction of blended benchmarks
    • Provides comparison of benchmark performance as if portfolio assets had been invested in the benchmark
  • Portfolio Risk/Reward Measurement and Volatility
    • Beta
    • Sharpe Ratio
    • R Squared
    • Equal-weighted mean portfolio performance with standard deviation
  • Composite Performance (group of portfolios)
    • Allows portfolio composites to be formed by portfolio type
    • Portfolio groups may be named and saved for easy selection
    • Calculates composite Dispersion
  • Graph Portfolio Cash Flow and Performance Alongside Selected Benchmarks

gips-compliant Portfolio Performance Calculator FAQ                       


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1 This software uses methods described by GIPS® for rate of return calculations.  Full GIPS® compliance involves many requirements of which calculation methodology is only one.  The user bears full responsibility for the use and interpretation of this program and its output in accordance with GIPS® guidelines.  Software programs cannot claim GIPS® "compliance"; the term applies only to firms with assets under management.  This software claims only to follow some of the guidelines contained within the standard relating to calculation methodology.

2 Historical data is downloaded from Yahoo!® and the St. Louis Federal Reserve upon user action. Downloadable data is limited to data made freely available by those websites.

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