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Investor's Accountant

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Investor's Accountant

Combine Portfolio Management with Investment Analysis

A comprehensive toolset for investors.  Manage diverse investment portfolios with a multi-currency tracking and analysis system that organizes all types of securities and transactions for any number of portfolios. Calculate accurate performance for portfolios and portfolio composites (meeting GIPS® standards1 ), produce status and tax reports, and analyze individual securities with one integrated system.

  • Manage any number of international, mixed-currency portfolios,
    tracking all transactions for any type of asset, with portfolio currency conversion.
  • Use GIPS® methodology for Time-Weighted portfolio Rate of Return between any dates
    meeting CFA Institute (AIMR) standards for professional accuracy. Helps you become GIPS-compliant.
  • Graph and Analyze securities
    using downloaded price-volume history.2
  • Apply Portfolio Benchmarking
    with "as-invested" comparison of investment returns with indexes or custom-made benchmarks. Graph portfolio performance alongside market indexes or personally designed benchmarks, and calculate Beta, Volatility, and Sharpe Ratio.
  • Perform year-round tax planning using the latest cost basis accounting methods
    with YTD Tax Liability and fiscal-year attachments to IRS Schedules B and D.
  • Set automatic alerts
    to signal you for price, value or percent limits, dividend dates, expirations, or short/long-term transitions.
  • Produce detailed audit records
    to fully account for every monetary transfer or securities-related event.
  • Produce financial reports
    including Portfolio Status, Asset Allocation, Realized and Unrealized Gain/Loss (by period, before/after tax, or by acquisition), Rate of Return, Volatility and Risk/Reward, Projected Income and Reconciliation, Income/Cash Activity, detailed transactions, and many more!

Get the Professional Edge.

Easily organize thousands of records for a diverse range of investment activity for many separate portfolios, and precisely calculate portfolio performance and total return for securities. Versatile reporting enables a variety of detailed reports providing investment results, rate of return, asset allocation, gain/loss, net worth, tax liability, audit trails, graphs, and more.

Get full integration
of our portfolio manager, Portfolio Analyzer™ with our portfolio performance measurement, Easy ROR Pro™, and add stock charting, securities analysis, bond analysis, multi-currency capability, and expanded reporting.

Manage mixed-currency portfolios
containing stocks, bonds, cash, mutual funds, options, warrants, zeros, treasuries, futures, real estate, hard assets, and anything else you define yourself. Security prices listed on international exchanges can be downloaded in native currencies, and price/dividend data is automatically applied to all affected portfolios.

Calculate Time-Weighted Rate of Return for any security, portfolio, or portfolio composite (group) using GIPS® methodology.1
GIPS is the global standard for performance accuracy administered by the CFA Institute (formerly AIMR-PPS). Accurate rate of return can be calculated between any two dates, and incorporates all proceeds such as interest, dividends, distributions, and writing or exercising options.

Benchmark portfolio performance
using asset-weighted comparison of investment returns with your choice of indexes, and create your own blended benchmarks using any index or security. Analyze risk/reward for securities or portfolios using such measures as Beta, Volatility, R2 and Sharpe Ratio.

Chart and analyze securities
using high-low-close-volume data (which Investor's Accountant downloads free) with common tools like moving averages, candlesticks, etc.

Perform comprehensive bond analysis
by calculating imputed interest, premium amortization, duration, and yield-to-maturity both before and after associated taxes. Track options trading and writing puts and calls. Automatic alerts can be set to signal a number of immediate or upcoming events such as short/long-term transitions, price triggers, ex-dividend dates, etc.

Calculate flexible cost basis
using FIFO, LIFO, high cost, low cost, specified shares, or average cost. Tax calculations use individual tax rates for each portfolio owner (both federal and state) and IRS rules for the applicable year(s), automatically adjusting cost basis for stock splits, mergers, return of capital, etc.

Entering data is fast and easy,
with downloaded price-volume info and T-Bill rates.  Flexible financial reports allow selection by portfolio, portfolio group, security or investment type, with your professional name or organization in report headings. Detailed securities and transaction listings provide support for audits, and all records can be written to ASCII files for exporting to other programs.

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Reader's Choice Award 2013, 2007 - Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine

A powerhouse program suited for the sophisticated investor... with a rich set of features and reports that place it among the upper class of applications in its field."


The next generation in comprehensive investment management."

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1 This software uses methods described by GIPS® for rate of return calculations.  Full GIPS® compliance involves many components of which calculation methodology is only one.  The user bears full responsibility for the use and interpretation of this program and its output in accordance with GIPS® guidelines.  Software programs cannot claim GIPS® "compliance"; the term applies only to firms with assets under management.  This software claims only to follow some of the guidelines contained within the standard relating to calculation methodology.

2 Historical data is downloaded from Yahoo!® and Russell® upon user action and is limited to data made freely available by those websites.

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