Product Comparison
Easy ROR Easy ROR
Fundwatch EarlyRetire
Wealth Planning
Data Tracking $59.95 $299.95 $99.95 $99.95 $349.95 $399.95
Dividends, Distributions, Splits, Mergers      
Requires Only Balances, Deposits, Withdrawals      
Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Indexes      
Historical Price/Volume      
Multiple Portfolios    
Downloads Security Prices      
Can Import All Required Data from File    
Options, Futures, Warrants          
Cash, Annuities and Other Assets          
Maintains Client Information    
Status Reports            
Current Holdings    
Holdings by Lots          
Net Worth      
Gain/Loss - Portfolio    
Asset Allocation    
Tax Liability, Schedules B, D          
Projected Income, Cash Flow          
All Transactions          
Customizable Report Headers    
Investment Analysis          
Securities Charting    
Individual Securities Rate of Return    
Portfolio Internal Rate of Return (IRR)    
Portfolio Time-Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR)      
Adjusts Returns for Taxes/Fees    
Graphs Portfolio Rate of Return    
Supports AIMR/GIPS Calculation Methods      
Composite Rate of Return for Multiple Portfolios    
Modified IRR (MIRR)    
Benchmarking for Portfolios      
Benchmarking for Individual Securities      
Risk/Reward Analysis    
Advanced Securities Charting        
Technical Analysis        
Backtesting and Trading Systems        
Portfolio Design / Asset Allocation Analysis      
Buy/Sell Alerts      
Security Screening, Comparison, Selection        
Retirement Planning            
Pre-Retirement Planning        
Semi-Retirement Planning        
Post-Retirement Planning        
Handles Tax-Advantaged Savings        
Post-Retirement Tax Calculation        
Projections in Today's or Future Dollars        
Automatic Penalty and RMD Navigation        
Automatic Tax Optimization        
Automatic 72(t) Planning        
Income Tax Leveling        
Social Security Optimization        
Custom Financial Events      
Asset Allocation Planning      
72(t) Calculator        
Mortgage Calculator        
Interactive Graph        
Interactive Report        
Customizable Extended Report Sections        
Monte Carlo Simulation and Probability        
Reality Retirement Planning        
Flexible Borrowing Control        
Imports Assets/Liabilities from File        
Downloads Tax Tables and Market Data        
Data Security
Easy ROR Easy ROR
Fundwatch EarlyRetire
Wealth Planning



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