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Easy Technical Analysis and Backtesting

Find your best investments and trade more profitably.  Fundwatch gives you professional tools with complete independence and free access to data.  Compare securities using the latest charting and analysis tools, rank your favorites by performance and risk, make timing decisions using Technical Analysis and buy/sell alerts, and Backtest your own trading systems.  Own the tools for professional analysis without being tied to a brokerage or paying for a subscription.

  • Analyze and rank hundreds of stocks, funds, ETFs, indexes, etc
    with incorporated dividends and distributions, unlike most charts and numbers you get online!
  • Chart securities with a rich Technical Analysis toolkit:
    Moving Averages, Relative Strength, Bollinger bands, Chart Pattern Recognition, Auto Trendlines, Fibonacci, MACD, Money Flow, SAR, Stochastic, Momentum, and many more.
  • Backtest your own trading strategies
    with an easy-to-use system builder that allows you to tailor and combine analysis tools, and test systems on single securities or whole sectors.
  • Design the right portfolio using Monte Carlo Simulation
    with a flexible portfolio editor that determines the best asset allocation to meet your investment objectives.
  • Monitor real-time quotes and configure your own buy/sell alerts.
  • Analyze volatility and risk
    with Sharpe Ratio, R-Squared, Beta, standard deviation, and more.
  • Download FREE historical price-volume data
    and Morningstar® mutual fund ratings*, or import your own data.
  • Monitor your portfolio value,
    track distributions, and view your asset allocation.

Pick the Right Investments and Trade Effectively.

Smart investing requires you to know more than a few simple metrics.  Owning the tools for in-depth analysis is crucial, because it allows you to do your own research, build the right portfolio, and trade effectively.

Thoroughly analyze securities, monitor the market, and build a trading strategy quickly and independently, with free up-to-the-minute data* and no ongoing costs.

Analyze stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, indexes and more.
Compare investments directly over any period you desire, measure historical performance and risk, and rank within category by key comparators, including Total Return, Growth vs Income, Yearly Performance, Morningstar Ratings, Beta, Sharpe Ratio, Volatility, Trend, Momentum, Money Flow, etc

Backtest your own trading ideas and develop a system proven to meet your objectives.
Tailored drop-down rule selection allows you to easily build your own rule-based trading systems from Fundwatch's rich toolkit, which you can then apply to single securities or selected groups over any period.  View your equity curve, trades, and detailed statistics before applying your proven system(s) to current prices to automatically provide buy/sell alerts.  Fundwatch's simple interface requires no programming to build or backtest a trading system!

Chart securities and superimpose versatile technical indicators...

  • Hi-Lo-Close-Volume & Distributions
  • Total Return
  • Moving Averages & Bands (Simple/Exponential)
  • Chart Pattern Recognition
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Money Flow Index (MFI)
  • Trendlines (Hand-Drawn)
  • Trendlines (Automatic)
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Fibonacci Levels, Fans, Circles
  • Renko Charts
  • Speed Resistance Lines
  • MACD
  • R-Squared
  • Momentum Oscillator
  • Candlesticks
  • Parabolic SAR
  • P/E Ratio
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • On Balance Volume
  • Klinger Volume Oscillator
  • Least Squares Curve
  • Trading Range
  • Average True Range
  • Linear or Log Scale

Add Portfolio Analysis to your strategy
Fundwatch's Portfolio Designer uses Monte Carlo simulation to determine the best asset allocation for your portfolio. You enter a list of securities, set your performance objectives, and Fundwatch will crunch through the thousands of possible asset allocations, using downloaded historical data, to find the allocation that delivers the best odds of achieving your specific goals. Maximize your probability, minimize your risk, and maximize your ROR!

Configure your own buy/sell alerts
for changing or weakening trends or price range breakouts using indicators like MACD, moving averages, R2 , RSI, P/E, retracement, chart patterns, etc.  Monitor stocks and ETFs in real-time with Fundwatch’s quote streamer, and keep tabs on your portfolio’s current value and asset allocation.

Import your own data
for investments that are not publicly traded.  You always have full manual control of price and distribution data, no matter what the source, and Fundwatch automatically adjusts for splits, dividends and other distributions.

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Flexible tracking and analysis methods let you identify the best times to buy and sell."

Perfect for the home investor.”   
H. Joy

Well designed and easy to use.”   
L. Schwartz

  Highly recommend."

Hamilton Software

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*Current security prices are downloaded from Yahoo!® upon user action and are limited to data made freely available on Yahoo!®'s website.

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