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Portfolio Analyzer

Make Managing Your Investments Easy

Organize records of all your investments, track your transactions, and generate performance and tax reports with this powerful portfolio manager.  Portfolio Analyzer keeps all transaction records for any type of investment for any number of separate portfolios, and downloads security prices from the internet to show your current net worth.  Generate vital end-of-year reports showing your capital gains, dividends, tax basis, etc., as well as estimating your annual results throughout the year.  Professional power that's easy-to-use!

  •  Organize records for all types of investments.
  •  Maintain separate portfolios
     for yourself, family members, or business.
  •  Create vital financial and tax reports
     including attachments to IRS schedules B and D.
  •  Track options, futures, stock splits, acquisitions, and more.
  •  Retain historical records
     of all your transactions indefinitely.
  •  Download or import security prices.1

Simplify and Build a Better Portfolio.

Knowing how your investments are positioned is vital, whether you manage them yourself or entrust them to a broker.  Obtaining that information accurately requires a dedicated portfolio management system designed to handle a broad range of complex investment activity.  Portfolio Analyzer lets you easily manage your investments now, and gives you a powerful platform for future growth.

Track all types of assets and transactions for many separate portfolios.
Know your net worth.  Know your rate of return.  Understand your tax liability.  Get peace of mind from knowing that all the information needed to reconstruct your estate is at your fingertips, and your assets are positioned to meet your investment objectives. 

Get Instant Portfolio Status, listing all your positions and current values
(with totals from selectable combinations), with real-time pricing.  Quickly see each portfolio's asset allocation and period-to-date gain or loss.  You can produce reports for portfolios, portfolio groups, securities, or security types.

Internal Rate of Return by security or portfolio, and Detailed Gain/Loss
reveals dollar and percentage performance before and after tax for every investment.  Other reports include Income/Cash Activity, Calendar-projected Income, Gain/Loss by Acquisition, detailed portfolio transaction listings, security descriptions, and personal account information.

Attachments to IRS Form 1040 Schedules B and D
provide annual interest, dividends, capital gains, distributions, and return of capital.  Year-to-date federal and state Tax Liability, enabling year-round tax planning and help in preparing estimated taxes, is obtainable for any portfolio or portfolio group.  Tax calculations use portfolio owner tax rate and rules for capital gains treatment applicable to the reported year.

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For a compre- hensive securities management solution, Portfolio Analyzer is the ticket."

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1 Current security prices are downloaded from Yahoo!® upon user action and are limited to data made freely available on Yahoo!®'s website.


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